Cookie Call


Even after Christmas, the need for cookies continues. If you bake cookies, could you bake an extra batch for church? You may leave them in the Gathering Place kitchen or in the refrigerator. Thanks!

A house for all people


“We welcome persons of every age, background, circumstance, ethnicity, family configuration, gender identity, and sexual orientation. We believe that diversity enriches our faith community and that each of us has a right and responsibility to support one another as we search for the divine by living, learning, and growing.”



Handbell Choir rehearsal starts Thursday, Sept. 20

Looking for new adventures?
The Bodwell Memorial Hand Bell Choir is resuming rehearsals on Thursday, September 20th at 6:30 pm in the MacKenzie Room. Open to all! Please come that evening if you would like to see what it is like in the Bell Choir or would like to try out the bells. No pressure to join the group. Just come and have fun! More info? Please contact Rachel Dobbs at 573-9044

Fire Drill Sunday, Sept. 16

September is . . . . Fire Drill Time

As many of you probably know, it’s been quite a few years since we’ve had a fire drill at the CUF!

Our Safe Church policy states that in case of a fire alarm going off in the building, the children in the elementary and nursery classrooms in the basement will exit the building through the back door of the nursery (it opens directly from the nursery onto the back walkway outside of the building).  Elementary teachers and older elementary children will be available to help the nursery teacher with the babies and younger children, so we will not need any assistance from upstairs.

YAWPers will exit the building via the main stairwell (or front stairwell if the main one is blocked) and take the closest door out onto North Main St.

All children and youth will then walk up Juniper Street and along North Main to the parking lot of Alpenglow Adventure Sports, 92 Main St, where parents and caregivers will be able to find us.  The owner of Alpenglow Adventure Sports, Jon Tierney, has graciously agreed to allow us to assemble on his property, where there is plenty of space and where, in the event of a winter fire alarm, we would be able to get inside the store to keep the children warm – the store is open from 10am onward on Sundays.

Although I know it is a difficult instinct to overcome, parents and caregivers should NOT come downstairs to the nursery and elementary classrooms in case of a fire alarm.  This will simply create more chaos and more of a log jam in getting everyone out the basement fire doors. Adults should exit through the fire exits on the first floor and come to meet their children at Alpenglow. If you encounter your child and their class walking toward Alpenglow, please feel free to walk along with the class, but please do not separate your child from his or her class.  We need to gather all the children at Alpenglow and take attendance for each class once we arrive at the store.

So, if you are a parent or caregiver, please exit the sanctuary via the closest fire door and come to Alpenglow to find your child.

If you are an adult who is not a parent or caregiver, please exit the sanctuary via the closest fire door and walk the opposite way on North Main – toward the center of Orono.  This will allow the parents and caregivers to more quickly and easily get to Alpenglow and find their children. Please walk as far as Brookings-Smith Labeau Funeral Home to be sure there is space for everyone to exit the building

Also, in order for everyone to stay safe, please be sure that you and your children always have shoes on while at church.  I know that in the winter it is tempting to run around in stocking feet instead of wet boots, but in case of a fire, this would create an unsafe situation.  So, bring a pair of comfy inside shoes or slippers in a bag and leave those wet boots at the door! Or just go ahead and get the floor wet!

On Sunday September 16th, we will practice this fire drill procedure with the whole congregation.  The real fire alarm will not sound, but an announcement will be made in the service, as well as in the basement and upstairs in the YAWP room.  If it is difficult for you to walk or to leave the building for any reason, please feel free to stay in the sanctuary. (This is only a drill and we do not want you to put your body through any unnecessary stress). Otherwise, please exit the building as per the above instructions.

If you want to inform your child of this event ahead of time or prepare them for it in any way, please feel free. The fire drill will not be a surprise.  We will talk the kids through what we should do first and then we will all practice it together.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at or 886-8615.

In case of rain we will move the fire drill to Sunday September 23rd.

Thank you for your cooperation!