This week at CUF

This week at CUF:

Monday, May 15:
5:30 pm: Still Water Sangha, MacKenzie Room
Tuesday, May 16:
12:30 pm: Daffodil Luncheon and Fashion Show, Vestry
Wednesday, May 17:
6:00 pm: Choir Rehearsal, Sanctuary
7:00 pm: Contemplative Worship, Sanctuary
Thursday, May 18:
2:00 pm: Bible Study, Library
5:15 pm: Pilates, Gathering Place
6:30 pm: Bell Choir, MacKenzie Room
6:00 pm: Heart Rhythm Meditation, Library, note date and time change!
Saturday, May 20:
9 am-2 pm: Green Thumb Plant Sale and Burnt Thumb Food Sale, church lawn
7:30 pm: Euphony Concert, Sanctuary
Sunday, May 21, Flower Communion, Children’s Bell Choir:
9:00 am: Open Choir Rehearsal, all welcome
9:00 am: Info Coffee, MacKenzie Room
9:30 am: Children are asked to arrive to prepare for the service
10:15 am: Worship service, Sanctuary
11:30 am: Hospitality, Gathering Place