Sunday school this year

CUF Children’s Curriculum 2018-19

Hide and Seek With God

Come Join the Elementary Children in Playing Hide and Seek with God!

Where is God?  What does God look like?  What is God’s name? Does everybody agree about God? What if my ideas about God are different from someone else’s?

These questions and many more will be explored in this year’s curriculum Playing Hide and Seek with God.  Based on the book by Mary Ann Moore, this curriculum is designed to address the developmental needs and inquisitive minds of 4 to 11 year olds.   It’s a fun, interactive program which explores big questions through playfulness, art and song and makes lots of space for mystery and wonder.

As part of this curriculum, we will be inviting all the adults in the congregation to share your own ideas about God as well – so look for some questions from us in the pews and in the newsletters in the months to come!

Also, if you are interested in hearing some beautiful and moving stories, please consider joining us in the elementary classroom as a volunteer.  Mary Ann Moore is one of the best religious educators I know and her book is amazing – full of the kind of tales most of us were never told and deeply wish we had been.

Sign-up sheets for volunteers will be available in Coffee Hour and on the RE bulletin board starting on Sept 9th.

A teacher and volunteer training, which is open to all CUF attendees, will also be held on Sunday Sept 30 just after Salad Sunday and is another great chance to explore this curriculum.

Please feel free to contact Sarah Marx at or 866-8615 with any questions.

Olly, olly, all come free!  May the fun begin!