Sunday school this year

CUF Children’s Curriculum 2017-18

The CUF in Action!  – Putting our Beliefs into Practice

“What I believe in my heart is what I show in my actions”

Over the last few years in the elementary classroom, we’ve talked a lot about things people at the CUF believe/be-love. We spent a whole year talking about all the different ideas people at the CUF have about God – their favorite names for God, places to find God, and ways to connect to God.  We spent another year learning about the values people at the CUF hold most dear. Things like kindness and compassion, open-mindedness and learning from others. We spent two whole years exploring the stories told about Jesus in the Bible and the stories Jesus told to others as well, especially what about those stories was most important to people at the CUF.  We spent last year talking about Touchstones – objects, stories, people, places, prayers and sayings that are especially important to people at our church and that help them stay grounded and connected to their own best selves and to God.  We spent the summers in between zeroing in on specific values and beliefs like: welcoming and including everyone and taking care of the earth.

So this year we thought we would explore how people at the CUF put all these values and touchstones into ACTION!  It’s one thing to think and talk about things, but quite another to go out and actually do something to create the kind of world you want to see – to make the things in which you believe/be-love become more real or more possible.

Jesus did this all the time.  He wasn’t just a great storyteller and a great teacher.  He acted the way he wanted other people to act and the way he wanted the world to be each and every day.  He included people who were excluded.  He didn’t expect people to be perfect. He corrected his own mistakes when he saw them and welcomed others who had made mistakes without judgment.  He welcomed children, women and people who were sick or who came from other communities – groups that were often excluded in his time. He kept a sense of humor and joy throughout his ministry. He worked for social justice and questioned authority even when he knew this might put him in danger.  He lived as if heaven were present right here on earth, all around us, every day.

So . . . this year we are going to explore how people all around the world, but especially people right here at the CUF, put the things in which they believe into action.  How do people follow their hearts to help create the kind of world they want to see?  How do they take their ideas and dreams and turn them into action steps?  How do they become a part of the changes they want to experience?  We’ll read stories about famous people like Clara Barton and Mother Theresa and Desmond Tutu, but we’ll also hear stories of less famous folks, like Milly Zantow and Robbie and Brittany Bergquist.  And most importantly, we’ll be asking to hear stories from all of you!!

So get ready to share some of your own experiences, learn about the people sitting around you in the pews and jump into action together!

“You must be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi)

NOTE: Sarah Marx will be away on sabbatical this fall.  In her absence, Rachel Dobbs and Raechelle Edmiston-Cyr will be in charge of the children’s program. Please direct any questions to one of them or to Rev. Lorna Grenfell.   Rachel Dobbs:  866-2893 or / Raechelle Edmiston-Cyr: 951-6181 or / Rev. Lorna: 299-5848 or Sarah will be back in January.