Be a “Souper Hero” Sundays Oct. 8, 15 and 22

Be a “Souper Hero”! George Smith, a member of CUF, is a Life Scout and working towards achieving the Eagle Scout rank, the highest award in scouting. George has often worked towards alleviating food insecurity through “Scouting for Food” activities and helped last year in filling CUF’s Thanksgiving Baskets. Maine ranks 9th in the nation and 1st in New England for “food insecurity”. Involving Troop 41 in Hampden and Phi Gamma Delta at UMaine, George is asking CUF to help reach his goal of collecting 2,000 cans of soup for the Good Shepherd Food Bank! BRING CANS OF SOUP TO CHURCH! CUF “Souper Hero” Sundays October 8, October 15, October 22 Thank you!

Custodian needed

The Church of Universal Fellowship

82 Main Street, Orono, Maine 04473


Job Description: Custodian

Applications are due September 20, 2017


  • The Employee will be an active member of the multi-staff ministry of the Church of Universal Fellowship that works in an integrated, collaborative style.
  • Ability to clean and maintain all indoor and outdoor areas of the Church of Universal Fellowship, except snow and ice.
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment and initiative and to manage multiple tasks and deadlines.
  • Ability to travel normally, requiring a driver’s license, and must complete a pre-employment driver’s license check.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of safe and appropriate operation of hand mower, weed trimmer, and various types of vacuum cleaners.
  • Ability to handle strenuous work such as occasionally lifting up to 50 lbs.

Months:    12 months

Leave:        Employee may carry over no more than 5 “leave days” year to year

Vacation time over 5 consecutive days must be approved by the Church             Administrator

Hours:        Part-time as per the following

Sept.-May:          25 hrs per week; Monday – Friday: 9:00 am-2:00 pm

June – August:     10 hrs per week; TBD

Term:        All employees are annually reviewed in December

Employee Benefits:        Annual Salary:  $13,440

Employer’s Expenses:    7.65% Social Security/FICA and Worker’s Compensation Ins.

10 paid days of personal leave

5 paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving                             Day, day following Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Hired by:    Trustees (on recommendation SCRC and Church Administrator)

Supervision:   Church Administrator

Annual Performance Evaluation:  Trustee Representative on Staff/Congregation Relations Committee, Minister, Church Administrator and Representative of Property Committee

Major Responsibility:

Because the Church of Universal Fellowship has an extensive and beautiful building and attractive grounds, keeping them clean and maintained is vital to the current ongoing program and events of the church, as well as to its future in general.

Responsibilities for Cleaning/Maintenance

Daily or each workday:

  • Check church calendar for events of the day, week, month and set up tables and chairs (for church events only).
  • Before services and events, inspect areas for trash, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, etc.  Check cleanliness of floor mats.
  • After services and events, take down tables and chairs (except for Vestry) and store in closets.  Clean and straighten room, empty trash and check toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, etc.
  • Remove leaves and sticks from lawn, gardens and walkways; water flower gardens as needed.
  • Perform preventative maintenance schedule for all facilities (e.g. lights, windows).
  • Inspect property for entry, damage, and cleaning needs.
  • Empty and remove trash from facility.  Properly dispose of trash and make available for trash removal on Fridays for Pine Tree Waste Company.
  • Bag contents of recycle bins appropriately and take to curb on appropriate days.
  • Vacuum carpets as needed and spot clean if necessary.
  • Wash and clean floors and bathrooms.


  • Clean stairs–more frequently as needed.
  • Inspect, clean and vacuum Gathering Place and GP kitchen each Monday morning.
  • Keep altar clean of wax.
  • Clean and empty trash in music closet, groom’s closet, and under pulpit.
  • Check lighting and replace bulbs when needed.
  • Clean glass in doors.
  • Clean elevator.
  • Check all emergency lighting in facility.
  • Mowing, trimming and raking of yards (seasonal).
  • Water inside plants.
  • Each Friday, dust Sanctuary (pews, window ledges, choir lofts, etc.) and vacuum pew cushions.
  • Each Friday, be sure there are exactly three (3) offering envelopes and two sharpened pencils in each holder, the hymnals are facing correctly, and the “children” brochure is in each slot.  Throw away envelopes that are written on.
  • Each Friday, place 15 chairs around piano in Vestry Annex for the children.
  • Chair racks and extra tables are not to be stored in the Vestry Annex.   Except for when cleaning, the chairs and tables can stay in place or be stored in the back of the Vestry itself.  During the Book Sale, the Harvest Fair, and the Blood Drive, chairs and tables will be stored in the storage closet.


  • Remove scuff marks from doors, mopboards and floors.
  • Remove spots and marks from woodwork (especially door handles, window sills).
  • Clean all light shades (table lamps and ceiling lights).
  • Remove cobwebs from all rooms in facility including bathrooms and closets.
  • Clean refrigerators and freezer.
  • Attend or provide a report and concerns for the Property Committee meetings.  The Property Committee meets once a month and is usually announced in the church calendar.
  • Maintain First Aid Kits and Fire Extinguishers.


  • Wash inside and outside of all facility windows except Sanctuary.
  • Set clocks and timers as needed Timers are located inside door of Bell Tower and in the basement of the Parish House. (Belfry clock is wound by a volunteer.)
  • Keep all storage areas neat and clean.  This includes the attic, furnace room and the outside maintenance shed behind the church.
  • Keep grass mower and weed trimmer stored and serviceable.
  • Watch for landscaping issues that require attention from the Property Committee for action.
  • Recommend to Property Committee the disposal of broken furniture and equipment.
  • In consultation with minister, bring down and put up holiday decorations for Advent, Christmas and Easter.  Store in attic when holiday is over. (Help is needed for the Christmas tree!)
  • Arrange Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies on altar.

Web site for Hannah Barry
This is a web site where people can donate to help Hannah Barry, a member of our congregation who is struggling with Lyme disease.

From Hannah’s partner Leslie: She has stage 4 neurological Lyme disease. People get tick bites all the time, some people contract Lyme and they are able to keep on living their lives symptom-free. Hannah wasn’t so lucky. She was bit by a tick in 2012, at the age of 21. She experiences an array of symptoms on a daily basis: sudden fainting spells, joint pain, fatigue, seizures, brain fog, nausea, occasional inability to walk—not unlike a cancer patient going through chemotherapy. She has since exhausted numerous treatment regimens–each leaving her weaker, her body more sick and ruined than before. But now we have the opportunity to finally turn things around. It’s our last treatment option and it’s the most hopeful one we’ve had yet. With your help, she can find symptom-free living and kill the Lyme!
The solution: The St. Georg Klinic in Bad Aibling, Germany has an innovative treatment for Lyme patients called hyperthermia with a proven success rate. They raise your body temperature to about 107º F, killing off all the bacteria and Lyme microbes living in your body and increasing the effectiveness of antibiotics. Hyperthermia is the answer. It may seem scary, experimental but it is the exact treatment we’ve been waiting for. This treatment does not exist in the US and won’t be covered by insurance. Hannah’s family-hearts in hand-have plunged themselves into immense debt on her behalf.

-For travel including refundable round trip airfare, train, taxis, etc. and incidentals – $5,000
-For two week inpatient treatment stay for Hannah and myself (food and lodging included) – $19,200
-For third week outpatient treatment- $8,000

-For third week lodging food and emergency/incidental needs – $3000
-For the post-Germany protocol of up to a year’s’ worth of treatments and local Doctor visits that will not covered by insurance – $10,000
-Anything extra will go toward all past and future medical debt that has already been wracked up due to Hannah’s fight with Lyme.
-The clinic in Germany:
-Hannah’s Lyme blog at the BDN: