POINSETTIAS If you wish to provide a poinsettia for the church this holiday season, in memory, honor, or celebration of someone, please call the church office at 866-3655 by December 10th to place your order. The flowers are $15 each. Please let us know if you would like to donate your poinsettia or take it home with you on Dec. 16th after worship. Donated flowers will be delivered to home-bound members of our congregation who are unable to attend our services.

Save these dates: Info coffee Sunday, Dec. 16 and reception of new members Sunday, Dec. 23

The Church of Universal Fellowship welcomes everyone’s presence and participation in worship and in any and all of our services, programs, and events. We greatly value our diversity and especially appreciate peoples’ faithfulness in prayers, presence, gifts, and service. Twice during the year, the church extends an invitation to everyone for formal membership. If you desire at this time to become a formal member of our faith community, and we sincerely hope you do, here are two dates to remember. “Info-Coffee” Sunday, December 16, 2018 at 9:00 am The MacKenzie Room (upstairs at the end of the hall) Together with our Minister, representatives from the Trustees and Deacons will be available to talk with you and to answer any questions you may have. Children welcome!
Although it is not necessary to attend an “Info-Coffee” in order to join the church, we do hope you will take advantage of this time to get better acquainted with us.
The Reception of New Members Sunday, December 23, 2018 10:00 am in our Sunday Morning Worship Service Know that CUF always welcomes your presence among us and would look forward to welcoming you formally on December 23rd. If it is your desire to join the church at this time, please call the church office at 866-3655 and let us know. If you have any questions whatsoever about the process of membership, membership transfer, or dual membership, or if you would like to meet with The Reverend Grenfell individually, again please call the church office at 866-3655. Thank you.

The Candle of Common Good

Thoughts from the CUF Worship Team At our meeting we discussed the need for all of us to cross perceived boundaries, listen to each other, and bring compassion and understanding to the table. Undivided Nation is doing just that. When Erin Leaverton asked her husband David, “If kids, mortgage and finances were not a factor, what would you wake up and want to do tomorrow?”. He responded with an answer that surprised them both: “I would want to help bring unity to America.” Check out https://undividednation.us to learn the healing power of listening, traveling, and taking a moment to be in someone else’s shoes.
Lighting the Candle of Common Good Our church is part of a worldwide community seeking to articulate and reaffirm the common good. We know the Holy Spirit is acting to create this kind of world. Listening and learning are sacred duties in considering the spiritual, social and relational needs of others. May we be attentive to seeing and discerning what the presence of God is doing and to follow it and add to it without fear. As Cornel West states, “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” The CUF Worship Team

Events coming up – save these dates!

~ All Saints Day ~ Thursday, November 1st 7 PM Candlelight Service in the Sanctuary Candles will be placed on the altar in memory of each loved one of our church family  and our wider family who has passed away since last November. Please call 866-3655 or email cufoffice@icloud.com  to place a name on the memorial list. Thank you!

Consecration Sunday, November 11th  Volunteers to prepare one of three main dishes: Mac and Cheese or Chili (vegetarian or meat) or Chowder (any kind) Please make enough to serve 10 people. Would rather bake than cook?  Make dessert! Please use the yellow sign-up sheet in the Gathering Place or call Steffi at the CUF office.