Greeters and Hospitality for Summer

Summer Greeters and Hospitality
We are going to try something a bit different for both greeters and hospitality this summer. Given summer schedules and the unpredictability of people being out of town, we are going to ask for “volunteer” greeters each Sunday. Please step up to greet if you are one of the first to arrive and no other greeters are in place. Please don’t be shy about this. One greeter or more is fine!
For Hospitality, Deacons and other regulars will put out the “simple summer fare” of lemonade and cookies/crackers each week. We’ll only need one table with a couple of pitchers of lemonade and a basket or two of cookies. Once again, volunteers are appreciated!
As always, thanks for your help!

Save the date: Artsapalooza, Saturday, June 16

Saturday, June 16, 6-10 p.m. in downtown Orono at fifteen venues. Come check out Rich Kennefic, Orono High School Show Choir, Divisi, Sandy Phippen, Rockin’Ron Band, Orono Middle School selections from Seussical, Nathan Lesser, Jules Hathaway, Larry and Leslie Latour, Brooke Nason, Kathleen Ellis, Chana Wingard and Isaiah Grace, and more!
If you want to just settle in at CUF, you won’t be disappointed. Here is the line-up for CUF:
6 p.m. – Orono Middle School excerpts from Seussical 7 p.m. – Divisi 8 p.m. – Orono High School Show Choir 9 p.m. – Euphony Put June 16 on your calendar now!!