Pie sale signup

Home Made Pies!! CUF Fundraiser Easter 2019
It is time for pie bakers and pie orderers to come forward for CUF’s Easter Fundraiser. Please sign up to bake pies on the ordering sheet posted in the Gathering Place. There is also a sheet where you can order a pie that is not listed on the ordering sheets. We hope that there will be pie bakers who will volunteer to bake that special pie for you. Please note the deadline dates for signing up to bake or to order pies: The deadline date for volunteering to bake pies is Wednesday, April 17 and the deadline date to order a pie is Thursday, April 18. Pie Drop-off is scheduled for Easter Sunday, April 21 between 9:00 and 10:00 am. Pie pick-up is scheduled for Easter Sunday, April 21, after the church service during coffee hour. Cost for each pie: $14.00 Questions: contact Irene 866-2879, Rachel 573-9044, Steffi 866-3655