Art in the Sanctuary

Art in the Sanctuary – created by CUF Children and Youth Our elementary children continue to explore different conceptions of God. One of the stories we told this fall talked about how God is there when creation happens and how so many people in our church and around the world connect to God through their creativity. We talked about God making things in joy and how we too can feel joyful when we create. As part of our lesson, the elementary children and YAWPers joined together to create what we have been calling “dragon skin” from fairy dust, tissue paper, and Mod Podge. The kids loved hearing the words no adults ever say, “put on more glue…even more glue”. The “skins” were then cut into slices and hung to be starry slivers of night with bits of fiery suns throughout. Thank you so much to Erin Ellis and Nancy Leavitt for making this happen! We hope the end result brings joy and sparkle to your winter and that the glittering banners will open your eyes to even more Aha! Epiphany moments!