This Sunday, May 20

1. Wear red or orange for Pentecost
2. Bring a flower for the flower communion
3. Bring shoes for the caring soles project (The Student Council at Orono’s Asa C. Adams Elementary School has started a fundraiser to support an Orono Family in need.  The children are requesting donations of gently used shoes (no rips or holes and no skates) to be donated in pairs. Drop any gently worn, used and new shoes in the bin by the office here at the CUF.  Not only will your donations support a family in need, but also all donated shoes aid micro-enterprise around the world and reduce post-consumer waste.)
4. Come to the info coffee at 9:00 in the MacKenzie Room if you want to learn more about the church
5. Come to #12:10 after church in the Library to share ideas for Adult Ed next year